Making Money As A Writer Online

Has your search for a job that will see you your bills been in vain? Are you sure you have exhausted all possible employment opportunities? Then you must have overlooked online writing.

Most people who have the thirst of making money fail to see the vast opportunities right before their eyes. One such avenue that can help you get that extra buck is becoming a writer online.

Surprised that you never thought of that, right? And if it had come to mind, you probably did not know the ‘how’ of making money as a writer online. This then is your lucky day. From here, it is going to be clear to you just how you can have your bills settled as you work as an online writer.

Requirements Before you start Making Money as a Writer Online


I am going to equip you with a couple of tips. These tips are going to be essential to you especially as you pursue this new means of making money. Making money from online writing.

  • Have your skills in writing polished

First and foremost, there are a number of considerations that may play a big role in determining whether or not being a writer is the thing for you. I have been able to highlight a couple of them. You need to ask yourself the following questions to be sure just how suitable you are to this form of hustle;

  • From your early days as a child, have you ever had an interest in writing?
  • Back in the lower levels of study such as high school or even primary, we used to do composition writing and also bits of literature. How awesome were the skills you possessed from that literature and composition writing?
  • Currently, is writing a thing for you? Would you enjoy sitting down to write? This love for writing is basically the main consideration. How can you be successful in something that you do not love doing? If anything, you are likely to encounter frustrations.
  • Take a journey through memory lane. Do you recall of a time that a friend maybe complimented your skills in writing? Not sarcastically, but really complementing you?
  • Are you in possession of maybe a reward that you earned from your skills as a writer?

The questions can be a nice gauge for you. But remember, they should not discourage you. They should show you on which areas you might need some improvement to make it in the field.

  • Signing up and getting yourself a freelancing website


In the present day, there are quite a large number of freelancing websites. The attribute that is most essential is knowing the freelancing website that work and being able to distinguish it from the one that does not work.

From my personal experience, I have been able to outline the ones below from which I have made a substantial amount;

  • iWriter
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

I can comfortably recommend Upwork as the best for you at the moment. When you complete your work as instructed, you stand to make as much as $20 and above for every 500 words. Yes! The figures range this high.

There are individuals who are making as much as $200 for the same number of words, 500. But you must admit $20 is a not so bad starting point, is that not right?

  • Getting yourself the clients


Just like in any business. You should be in the lookout to find customers. Ever thought social media would help you earn? Well, it can!

I have been able to land a number of clients from Facebook and LinkedIn in particular.

All that is required of you is ensuring that you have your profile optimized in order to land clients. Also, it would not hurt if you establish a connection with prospective clients. Develop a behavior of posting stuff that is useful that will work well in assuring your clients that in as much as the industry is concerned, you are a guru.

  • Cold-pitching

Online writers who receive a high pay take control of the writing they do and directly approach brands and clients. They express just what they are capable of doing for them.

  • Blogging

Blogging comes as the ultimate tool that you as a writer can use in increasing the awareness your brand has. It can also display your skills.

Through your blogging, you can be able to land clients who are willing to pay you ridiculously high for your job. Your blog can also be monetized in a variety of many other ways as you so desire.

  • Continuously pitch and make bids

Even when you receive awesome deals, you should continue making bids on bidding sites. Given that you are an iWriter Elite Plus writer who makes $30 for every 500 words, you are able to charge $40 for the same work in Upwork. Also, there are many clients who are more than willing to engage with you.

  • Make sure to stick by the rules


You should at all cost avoid the following;

  • Plagiarism.
  • Delayed delivery of your work.
  • Ignoring the instructions given.
  • Poor grammar and errors in your work.

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