Earning From Viewing Paid Advertisements

Fact check! You actually can be able to make money from viewing advertisements through your mobile phone or any other internet connected device that you have.

Yes, this is a fact that most people find hard to acknowledge and are fast to pass it off as a scam. Did you ever imagine making money would become this simple? As simple as just clicking on an advert and money is then credited to your account?

In this generation we live in, almost every aspect is becoming digitized. And as such, you have no other option to adjust to the changing times. In this context, the adjustment is about acknowledging the revolutionary new ways of making money such as viewing paid advertisements.

Can I Get Paid From Viewing Advertisements?

The fact that you can now be able to make money from the comfort of your home through viewing advertisements in no longer just a theory or rumor. It is a PROVEN fact. As you continue sitting back and doubting the legitimacy of paid advertisements, people are continuing adding on to their wealth by simply clicking and viewing adverts.

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Yes! It is very possible for you to earn from viewing paid advertisements. Below is just how you go about the earning process…

How to start earning from the advertisements that you view

You are interested in getting this quick money. Is that not true? So how do you go about it? Do you just go to any internet site, say YouTube, click on an advertisement, watch, and then get paid? No, that is not how the whole thing works.

First of all, you require to have a tool that will see you earn from the advertisement you view. But where do you get the so called ‘tools’ or ‘link’? You must be wondering…

Wonder no more, I will share with you 3 applications that you can make use for the mentioned purpose. These are apps that are compatible with your phone and will pay you for the advertisements and videos you watch on them.

Apps You Might Need

  • Slide Joy

This app is at the top of my list since it is the one that has been around for the longest time. As such, it has been able to earn the trust of very many people.

slidejoy review

Through the app, you are going to be rewarded for your day to day activities on the phone. Literally earning from the very basic operations of your phone. From checking your mail, making a call and even unlocking your phone.


  • Advertisments will be loaded to the home screen of your phone by Slide Joy.
  • You can opt to either;
  1. Slide to the left to view the advertisement,
  2. Slide to the right and continue to the home screen and do whatever it was that you wanted to with your phone.
  • You earn points regardless of the side you slide.
  1. Payment can be requested for whenever you have accumulated enough points. The payment will then be made to you through PayPal in the form of cash.
  • AdFun

This app is a sort of earning site that is based on social networking. This implies that you earn together with your friends. Teams are formed and the adverts watched together to earn points. The points you earn give you entries to win prizes that range from Keurig coffee maker, MacBook, along many other prizes.


  • App Nana

This apps rewards you for advertisements that you view, games you play, and new apps that you try. Here, you earn Nanas (points) that you can readily redeem for a variety of prizes such as paid apps and games free of charge, iTunes, Amazon gift cards, and many other prizes.

Sites That Help You Earn From Viewing Paid Advertisements

Aside from the apps, you also can earn from viewing paid adverts through links. The following are the best sites from which you will be paid for watching videos. All that is required of you is to sign up and get payment in your account from the viewing of advertisements.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. QuickRewards
  3. You-Cubez
  4. Successbux
  5. Paid2YouTube

With the apps and the sites that have been mentioned. Earning from viewing paid adverts will be your thing. You are going to experience just how practical it is.

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